North (Robert Grissom Parkway)

Ocean Blvd. North

Ocean Blvd. South

Small – 8″
Medium – 12″
Large – 14″

French Fries

Chips & Salsa

Mama’s Bread Sticks

4 pieces of warm, soft bread sticks seasoned with garlic, aromatic basil, Italian oregano, sprinkled with zesty  parmesan, & served with Mama’s Marinara for dippin’.

Mama’s Bread Sticks w/ Melted Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese Sticks

6 pieces of cheesy mozzarella gooey goodness & Mama’s Marinara for dippin’.

Garlic Bread

Buttery, warm, and savory.

Garlic Bread w/ Cheddar Cheese

Mia’s Bread

Hearty slices of wholesome bread topped with succulent Roma tomatoes, aromatic basil leaves, & smooth melted Monterey Jack cheese.

Mia’s Bread w/ Imported Ricotta cheese